Why Us?

English & Spanish speaking

Best Price for Quality service.
Patient Understanding Instructors.

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Checklist of your strengths.

We at New Life Driving School pride ourselves in offering an array of services for your driving needs.

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Why Us?

Patient Understanding Instructors.

Locally Owned.

English & Spanish speaking.

Best Price for Quality service.

Door to door service.

Licensed By the state.

Vision Testing.

Fully Insured and bonded.

Road Test Services offered.

Insurance Discount certificate.

Stick Shift Instructions Services.

Car rental available for road test.

Latest model cars with dual brake system.

Male & female professional driver instructor.

On site written & eye exam state certified 6 hour program insurance certified.

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

New Life Driving School


We at New Life Driving School pride ourselves in offering an array of services for your driving needs.

service 1


In this comprehensive two hour driving session we will not only teach you basic fundamental driving skills but will provide you with a checklist of your strengths and weaknesses of your current driving state.

service 1


When it comes time for a permit holder to take the road test at the DMV we can be of help. This service includes picking up the permit holder and bringing them to the road test location, waiting with them and letting them take the test in our car. Once the road test is finished we will go to the DMV building and wait while the permit holder turns in the permit along with the passing road test sticker. At this time they will get a photo id and upon completion of this process we will bring the student back to where they need to go.

service 2


This is the required 6 hours which a sixteen year old student needs in order to get a permit. With this package will go to the DMV with the student and get the permit along with the vision test. Soon as we complete this process we will start the six hour lesson. Usually we will do a two hour session and drop the student off. Upon completion of the first lesson the student will book the remaining lessons with the instructor. This is a door to door service which we can pickup from school, home or work and drop off where need be. Upon completion of this service the permit holder will receive an insurance discount certificate. Please keep in mind this service does not include the road test. It only includes the 6 hours of driving and the permit.

service 3


If you feel a bit rusty, or have not been behind the wheel at all, this is the service for you. Any adult (in this case 17 or older) with a permit or license can take advantage of these sessions. During this time the instructor can accommodate any specific driving request you may have. You can go over basics or strictly highway driving the choice is yours, we are here to help.

service 3


This is the same as the road test service however it will include a hour or two of road test practice.


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